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addvantage passes VCA accreditation

addvantage has passed an important milestone by obtaining Type Approval Certification from the UK Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA). This is a very in depth and difficult process to complete and it is a crucial step in the development of any new vehicle or automotive product. It is official recognition of the addvantage’s safety and design integrity, and that it meets EU and UN standards.

The purpose of these certifications is to ensure that all vehicles and components are safe to be on the road. EU member states determined that the risk to people’s safety posed by vehicles is too great to allow the approvals to be carried out by industry, so instead third party government agencies carry out the testing and certification independently of the manufacturer.

The Type Approval certification for addvantage included a “Conformity of Production” assessment in which the manufacturing process of addvantage was determined to meet requirements based around established quality systems principles and certification to ISO9001, with appropriate control plans in place to deal with the specific approval aspects. This process included an inspection of the production facility at TT Electronics by VCA assessors.

TT Electronics’ world-class quality standards were instrumental in addvantage obtaining its Type Approval certification with flying colours. Thanks to this certification, addvantage can be rolled out around the world in the knowledge that it meets or exceeds many global standards.

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