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Long-term addvantage user endorses the system

G & B Finch, a long-term user of the addvantage dual fuel system, has issued an open letter endorsing the technology, confirming that it is meeting their expectations and that they have experienced no technical issues since addvantage was installed on their fleet in 2020.

To whom it may concern:

Our experience with the addvantage system

Our haulage company and waste removal business, G&B Finch established in 1969, has been operating the addvantage fuel cost saving and emissions reduction system since 2020.

We operate a mixed fleet of artics, tippers, mixers and grabs and since 2020 our vehicles have covered approaching four million miles with the addvantage system installed. We have had no technical issues at all, or vehicles off the road.

We operate Iveco units and once our local dealer understood the addvantage system, we have had no issues with maintenance or warranty claims.

The fuel savings from the addvantage system are very impressive, have lived up to expectations and have allowed us to reduce our cost base significantly. The emission reductions are equally impressive and have enabled both us and our customers to report reductions in our carbon footprints.

The telemetry dashboard addvantage have developed relatively recently has been a game changer for us from both an operational and a reporting perspective. It gives us complete visibility on what is happening and has allowed us to maximise the opportunity the addvantage system represents and helps us operate our fleet in the most efficient way possible, including:

  • We can see when LPG is running low or is empty. The driver can see LPG levels in the cab and we even receive alerts remotely at our base.
  • We can see if this is happening regularly for certain drivers, enabling us to retrain them if required.
  • We can see both cost and CO2 savings in real time.
  • We can prepare bespoke reports on a weekly and monthly basis enabling us to monitor our cost savings and our scope 3 emissions reductions on behalf of our customers.

We have no reservations recommending the addvantage system to other hauliers or indeed anyone operating heavy-duty trucks.

Best regards

L. Finch

G & B Finch Ltd

For further information or to discuss a trial of addvantage, contact:

Daniel Mitchell, CEO

addvantage Global Ltd


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