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addvantage joins WCRAQ and campaign for alternative fuel duty reductions

We’re proud to have joined the Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality and to support their campaign for reductions in fuel duty on alternative fuels.

Daniel Mitchell, our CEO, joined other industry and government leaders at the recent annual Parliamentary Reception. The Commission’s objective is to improve the quality of the air we breathe using evidence based research to shape policy and improve legislation.

One area of focus is to reduce emissions produced by heavy trucks in support of the UK Government’s target to reduce these emissions by 15% by 2025 and 30% by 2030. With these emissions still rising, it is clear that new policies and legislation will be required to achieve them.

In support of these objectives, WCRAQ is campaigning for “duty reductions in less polluting fuels”. As Daniel Mitchell explains “The addvantage system, which is easily retrofitted to existing fleets, will deliver an instant reduction in CO2 emissions of 23%, exceeding the 2025 target and delivering 80% of the 2030 target.

“Removing fuel duty on LPG would increase uptake of the addvantage system in two ways. First, it would reduce the number of miles required to be travelled by 21% to break even. This would significantly increase the number of fleets that would be able to afford the emission reductions that addvantage delivers. Second, it would reduce the average operating cost of a heavy-duty vehicle by almost £3,000/annum, more than covering the entire cost of the addvantage system.”

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