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Why duty reductions on LPG holds the key to meeting UK emission reduction targets for heavy-duty trucks.

Without urgent action, the UK Government will fail to meet its emission reduction targets for heavy-duty trucks. Despite an aggressive target of a 20% reduction by 2025, emissions from heavy-duty trucks are …

LINAVA signs unique partnership with addvantage

LINAVA has signed an agreement to partner with addvantage in the Baltic States and Poland. Following detailed discussions and an assessment of the addvantage technology, LINAVA will promote use of the addvantage …

addvantage joins WCRAQ and campaign for alternative fuel duty reductions

We’re proud to have joined the Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality and to support their campaign for reductions in fuel duty on alternative fuels. Daniel Mitchell, our CEO, joined other industry …

Juozas Vaznaitis joins addvantage as European Sales Director

One of the leading figures in the European and Middle East heavy-duty truck sector, Juozas Vaznaitis has joined addvantage Global, developer of the innovative retrofit technology that delivers 13% fuel-cost savings and …

How addvantage delivers fleet emissions targets

Heavy-duty trucks are proportionately the most polluting Heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs) account for only 2% of all road vehicles, yet they contribute 27% of all CO2 emissions. And this proportion is increasing. While …

Konstantin Rainkin joins addvantage as COO

Leading telematics expert Konstantin Rainkin has joined addvantage Global as Chief Operating Officer with immediate effect, responsible for addvantage operations globally. Commenting on the appointment, Daniel Mitchell said: “We’re excited to have …

addvantage launches in the UAE

addvantage Global, developer of the innovative retrofit technology that delivers 13%* fuel-cost savings and cuts CO2 emissions by 23% on heavy-duty trucks, is expanding operations by launching in the UAE. The new …

Stepping stone to zero emissions

Daniel Mitchell, chief executive officer at addvantage Global, explains how hybrid fuel technology can help cut fleets’ carbon footprints. Road transport operators are under growing pressure to cut vehicle emissions as they and …

World-class manufacturer, TT Electronics, selected to manufacture addvantage

TT Electronics PLC has been selected as the manufacturing supplier for addvantage. TTE delivers high quality solutions to many of the world’s blue chip organisations. With a reputation for delivering high quality, …

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