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LINAVA signs unique partnership with addvantage

LINAVA has signed an agreement to partner with addvantage in the Baltic States and Poland. Following detailed discussions and an assessment of the addvantage technology, LINAVA will promote use of the addvantage system to their members as best practice.

Commenting on the agreement, Daniel Mitchell, CEO of addvantage Global Ltd said: “We couldn’t hope for a better partner than LINAVA. They represent the 700 leading road transport operators in Lithuania. Between them they operate more than 40,000 vehicles.”

Zenonas Buivydas, Secretary General of LINAVA, explained: “As soon as we heard about the addvantage technology, we wanted to be a partner. There is simply nothing else widely available today that can deliver these cost savings and CO2 reductions.”

“With more than 700 hauliers as members, our job is to help them find the best ways to improve their operations. addvantage is much the best technology we have seen, and we expect a rapid uptake by our members.”

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