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The addvantage dual-fuel system features in Zemo Partnership’s Guide to Renewable Fuels

The addvantage dual-fuel system has been selected to feature in Zemo Partnership’s new guide. The Renewable Fuels Guide sets out ways that heavy-duty truck fleets can reduce their carbon footprint Guide to Renewable fuels.

Zemo are an independent non-profit partnership, working with government to help shape future policy, create influential transport initiatives; and provide expert advice to reduce transport emissions, improve air quality, and combat climate change through cleaner mobility.

Daniel Mitchell, Chief Executive Officer of addvantage Global said: ”We’re proud to feature in this guide. Unlike so many of the options, such as electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles, addvantage is available immediately, is easily retrofitted in four hours, costs nothing to install and delivers an instant 23% reduction in the carbon footprint of heavy-duty truck fleets”.

addvantage’s use of bio-propane is featured from Page 43 and a detailed case study of one of the fleets already using addvantage is on Page 46.

Read and download the guide here

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