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The brutal truth about electric heavy-duty trucks

In an editorial for leading industry journal, Transport Operator, Richard Simpson explains why widespread uptake of electric heavy-duty trucks is unlikely ever to happen.
As he points out, the four key inter-related considerations are Range, Infrastructure, Price and Payload – RIPP. Of these, much the most important is Infrastructure. If there is sufficient charging infrastructure, then Range can be reduced, required battery capacity can be reduced, along with Price – and Payload can be increased.
Without this infrastructure, Richard points out that heavy-duty trucks will only ever be able to economically carry relatively light cargo for longer distances.
His conclusion “the brutal truth is that the only way electric heavy-duty, long-haul trucks can be viable is by installing overhead power to the motorway network”. He explains that only by charging on the move can sufficiently small batteries be used to extend range, and increase payloads.
And in the light of the UK Government’s postponement of the end-of-sale deadline for new diesel and petrol light vehicles from 2030 to 2035, he issues a warning:

He says that electrification of the motorways is “going to require the government to plan ahead and invest massively in effective infrastructure. And anyone who has been following the HS2 debacle will know just how unlikely that is to happen – not just before 2035, but ever.”


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