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Made in Great Britain

addvantage is the result of extensive research and development with TT Electronics and rigorous testing under all conceivable conditions. Incorporating the latest technologies, methodologies and equipment, addvantage units undergo extensive stress testing to ensure maximum reliability and dependability.

So, we’re proud to be partnered with TT Electronics to build addvantage right here in Great Britain – in Newport. TT Electronics is the global leader in smart, rugged, component technology for the industrial, medical, aerospace, defence and transportation industries. They have built and tested addvantage to the highest possible standards.

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Transforming how a diesel engine works is no small claim. But we’ve developed and tested addvantage extensively in the UK and Europe, so we know exactly how it works. Now you can find out for yourself with our no-risk 30-day trial. We’ll install addvantage in four hours and then run side-by-side comparison tests calculating the improvement addvantage delivers.

Don’t just take our word for it, not only have we comprehensively tested and trialled the addvantage system ourselves, we have also had the performance independently verified by world renowned specialist Emissions Analytics. We’ve also verified this with detailed testing at Millbrook with one of the UK’s top five fleet operators.

After your trial, it’s yours to keep for 30 days. We’re confident you’ll appreciate saving almost 3 euro cents per km. That’s a net saving of over €2.3m1 every year for a 500-truck fleet after all costs (based upon 175,000 km per year at 3km/l.)

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